Sandeel fishing 2016

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Sand eel workshop in January 2016

With the aim to improve the cooperation within Danish fishing, the active fishermen and their organizations arranged a workshop with the scientists from DTU Aqua in Skagen.  The fishermen did not accept the idea of the 2016 quota presented by the scientists. All members of the workshop agreed however, that is was necessary to strengthen the cooperation. Unfortunately the next months showed that cooperation between fishermen and scientists is not always easy.

Real time monitoring in area 1

Based on analyzes of the samples from the dredge survey the scientists concluded that a normal sandeel quota was area 1. A quota of 12.000 tons had to be divided between the vessels with a maximum of 650 tons for each. Fishing to take place from 15th April to 6th May. Samples from the fishing during the time frame should be analyzed and form basis for calculation of the final quota.

No acces to Norwegian water

The dredge survey in area 3 gave good results with a quota of almost 30.000 tons. Again this year the Danish vessels have no access to Norwegian water, and thus fishing is expected to be very difficult in this area.The quota in area 4 of only 5.000 tons was allocated based on the quota shares with a limitation of 1.000 tons for each vessel.

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