Landing obligation

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Based on EU rulings the Danish administration has introduced a landing obligation for all pelagic species. Previously the catching vessels should discard species, which could not be landed legally (with quota). The new rulings make good sense in order to secure appropriate development of the stocks.

However, EU did not manage to complete all necessary rules, and therefore the Danish administration has not presented a complete new model for the vessels.

The management of the bycatch quota for herring is very important for the sprat and the Norway pout fishing. Overfishing of the bycatch quota may lead to a complete closure of the fishing for industrial species. Misuse of the bycatch quota may also damage the quota administration for herring for human consumption.

Denmark Pelagic PO works for a model based on the following main components:

  •  The herring bycatch quota should be distributed based on each vessel’s quota shares of sprat and Norway pout
  •  The quota quantity of the herring bycatch should be transferable
  •  The add up of the consumption of the bycatch quota should be based on the vessel's self-regulation system and spot checks

Based on this model you will get maximum utilization of the industrial species with full responsibility to the fisherman.

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