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Astrid Fiskexport AB is situated in Rönnäng on the westcoast of Sweden 50 km north of Gothenburg.

The production includes receiving, grading, freezing and storage of mainly whole, round herring and sprat.

The major part of the production takes place in the period between August to April. The fish is pumped directly from the RSW-tanks in the fishing vessel to the production plant. After grading and draining the fish go directly  to the plate freezers, where the fish is frozen into blocks. The fish blocks are palletized in cartons or plastic bags whereafter they go directly to the freezing store. The freezing capacity is approx.. 200 tons/24 hrs. The freezing store holds 4,500 tons.

An important part of the graded herring and sprat is delivered fresh in isolated tank trucks or in 660 ltrs. Insulated bigboxes. The major part of the frozen products is exported, and the fresh, chilled products are delivered to customers in Sweden and neighbouring countries.

Contact Astrid Fiskexport AB, P O Box 2066, SE-471 11 Rönnäng, Sweden. Tel. +46 (0) 304 67 78 80. .




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