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The homeport of Astrid Fiske AB is Rörö in the skerries of Sweden west of Gothenburg. For generations Astrid Fiske AB has been counted among the most important companies in Swedish pelagic fishing.

Operating two efficient pelagic vessels the most important species have been herring and sprats. The vessels have also worked North Sea herring for matjes production with landings in Skagen, Denmark from where the herring were exported to the special markets in Germany and Holland where very high quality is necessary. Learn more about matjes

Skipper Tomas Johansson and the two sons Kristian and Johannes and skipper Börje Johansson with the son Daniel own the shares of Astrid Fiske AB.

Astrid Fiske AB also works the market for herring products through Astrid Fiskexport AB.


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Jessica Källbäcker
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